District 2 is a district of Wildwood & it specializes in economy.



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District 2, along with District 1 & parts of District 3, was ultimately destroyed. On the night before it's destruction, a Knight agent snuck up on the boardwalk & placed a charge on the dike beneath it. This particular dike apparently is the only thing stopping all of the ocean water from entering the districts below sea level, which happen to be Districts 1 & 2. Parts of District 3 reached into the sea level region, but not entirely. The next morning, the agent set off the charge & it blew up the whole wall, causing a flash flood of the entire district in less than a minute. This flood became known as the Great Flooding & it inspired the Capitol of Wildwood to immediately declare war on Storm Island, beginning World War II.


All of District 2, along with District 1 & a minority of District 3, is below sea level. The only barrier preventing a mass flood in the district was a cement wall called the Boardwalk Dike, which decayed severely before it was blown open, flooding the districts.

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District 2 retains a half of the Wildwood boardwalk, which pays itself by charging corporate taxes on the casinos (gambling winnings), shops & stalls (income on sales) & property taxes on every lot that is sold. The majority of the boardwalk is bought up by casinos run by major businesses & the gambling empire helps retain the economic structure of Districts 1 & 2 by paying income taxes.

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