The Great Inventing was an era that occurred on the Earth. It lasted approximately 10-15 years, immediately following the end of a glacial period known as Snowball Wild. The Great Inventing brought on an intense increase in inventing, scientific advances, such as experimentation & discoverys of molecular physics. The Inventing period did not just account for science: architecture, history, society, art, music, theater & all kinds of other fields of culture & subjects began to improve. The inventing period ended with positive consequences on technology, yet negative ones on the economy of Wildwood.



In 10BY, the islands of Wildwood & the Big Apple erupted into a revolution to overthrow their autocratic government leaders stationed on their islands, the Knights of Storm. Over the course of 10 years, the conflict was considered World War I by historians in 30Y just after the Great Flooding. In 0Y, the conflict ended in a cease fire. The technology used in World War I produced massive amounts of intense pollution of the atmosphere. Fires that occurred during the war kicked ash & dust into the air that conspired to lower the temperature of the Earth, along with the rocks stripping the CO2 from the atmosphere as well. In 2 years, the temperature begins what was called the Frozen Extinction, a worldwide natural killing of the humans by freezing temperatures & diseases. Meanwhile, polar ice caps built up ice sheets that began to move away from their poles towards each other to meet at the Equator. The ice covered the Earth in the height of summer in 2Y. The Frozen Extinction continued throughout the glacial period historians dubbed "Snowball Wild". People managed to get up & on top of the ice sheets & those who failed were killed. For another year & a half, the people over the world worked to survive. Few people, in comparison to the entire population of the world, would survive while others froze or died of disease. In 4Y, volcanoes that had been erupting since the world began to freeze burst through the surface & pump greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. The glacial period ends as the ice melts back to the poles. The largest volcano, the one on Wildwood, receded into the Earth & created a hill in which the city of the Capitol rests on.


People who survived the Extinction faced repopulation of their old islands. To figure out what happened, certain individuals began running tests & experimenting.



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The Great Inventing created major consequences for the Wildwoodian government. Towards the end, the Treasury of Wildwood ran out of money & tax money could not be collected quick enough to compensate, causing the funds of scientists to deficit the nation. For the next 10-15 years, the Wildwoodians would attempt to fix the debt, only to plummet further with World War II.