Horace Quincy Johnson
Vital statistics
Born on:
Died on: December 11, 30Y
  • Mr. Johnson
  • Tax collector Johnson
Gender: Male
Race: White
Age: 20 (biological)

40 (internal)

Social life
Other statistics
Occupations: Presiding district government official
Resides on/in: District 7, Wildwood
Behind the Scenes
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Horace Quincy Johnson was the presiding government official of District 7, who is the person who commutes with the citizens of the district about changes in the district & the island, such as tax increases, evictions & other major events. Johnson was killed in the Great Flooding during the week-long national officer convention being held in District 1 on December 11, 30Y.


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John Lemon evictionEdit
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Johnson was called away from District 7 in early December of 30Y to partake in the annual yearly evaluation convention. That year the convention was being held in District 1. Johnson met with the convention on December 11, when the Great Flooding occurred, flooding Districts 1 & 2, drowning the officials.



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Tom RiddleEdit

Well, anybody who doesn't pay the increase in their property taxes is going to just end up like Tom Riddle!
—Johnson threatening John Lemon with eviction after saying that he won't pay his taxes

Johnson never officially met Tom Riddle in District 2, nor did he care about the person. In some time before, Riddle refused to pay the increase in property taxes due to a tax wave that flooded Districts 1 & 2. When Riddle continued to refuse, he locked himself in his house & was eventually forced out by the means of battering rams, which he was evicted. To pay off his debt & prevent him from withdrawing any money, his account was frozen shortly after he set up another at another bank. Johnson claims he doesn't know Riddle, but has obviously heard of the legend of his famous eviction & he referred to Riddle's eviction when John Lemon was ranting about evading the property tax increase just as Riddle had done.