John "Jack" Robert Oswald was the third highest ranking member of the Knights of Storm who served as a soldier in World War II. He returned to Storm Island in the Knight Retreat & fought to defend his home. He fled & was almost captured in the Knightly Purge, making him a "survivor". He shot & killed Benjamin Smith after his acquittal & was killed in the West City Massacre


Early YearsEdit

World War IIEdit

Post-war life & deathEdit

Immediately after the war's conclusion, the Knightly Purge, a mass arrest & imprisonment of the Knights, began. Being a Knight, Oswald was forced to flee to evade capture, dubbing him one of the living survivors of the Purge.

Assassination of Benjamin SmithEdit

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Following the close of the Purge, President Storm was to taken to Wildwood to await trial for his war crimes. On a motorcade route to the dock where people could wish their president luck & say goodbye if he was to be sentenced, a man named Benjamin James Smith fired three shots at the former president, killing him. Smith was arrested & tryed. Oswald, who hoped for Smith's immediate sentence of life in prison, was surprised & angered to hear Smith's acquittal. Oswald then prepared to carry out his own sentence to Smith, which was death. Three hours after the acquittal, Oswald attacked & murdered Smith.

Flight to West CityEdit

The police found Smith's body & found that there was still some people on the list of the Knights that had not been accounted for. The police set out to search for the remaining Knights. Meanwhile, James Hook, a naval commander who was to be transported to West Apple Rock Prison, escaped that night & joined up with Oswald & Ernest Parker, an army general. The trio then escaped to the Big Apple & headed to different areas of the island. Oswald changed his name & took up residence in West City.

West City MassacreEdit

The police, hearing of the escape of Oswald, demanded that people who moved into the city or were visiting, go in to submit their information. Oswald did not & the police discovered that James Hook & Ernest Parker & others were meeting with Oswald. The police raided the shed they were holding conference in. Oswald & Hook were shot to death with others while Parker & a few others escaped injured by fleeing or getting on the floor & pretending death.