A colorized remastered picture of Jak

Jak was a legendary World War I hero that was a brave resistance fighter for the Wildwoodians. His storys were from chronicles written by the famous scribes Samos, Plutarch & Coriolanus, all of whom recorded at least one or two storys, some even writing & publishing the same storys.


Early YearsEdit

World War IEdit

Jak's life is only known through the writings of the scribes Samos, Plutarch & Coriolanus. All of them wrote of his losses, victory, capture & death.

Battle of Storm Triangle (Coriolanus)Edit

The Battle of Storm Triangle was a battle that was won by the Knights of Storm. Jak, who led the naval troops to a near victory, suffered his first of his two most famous losses in the war. He lost the battle by retreating, but he had managed to weaken the Knights' naval forces severely.

Battle of District 9 (Samos, Plutarch & Coriolanus)Edit

Jak also lost the battle of his home district & he was forced to go underground. In 6BY, the Knights had won a major victory & had little or no trouble taking back Wildwood.

Revival of the Districts (Plutarch & Coriolanus)Edit

As part of a resistance group, in 5BY, Jak led an attack on the Knights & reclaimed the island. It was a major turning point in the war & it was also Jak's first, only & most famous victory.

Capture by the Knights (Samos & Coriolanus)Edit

To stop the Wildwoodians, the Knights led an assault to capture Jak. It worked & they brought him to Storm Island.

Execution (Coriolanus)Edit

The last chronicle of Jak's life to be written depicts his death. He was tryed by the Knights & was to be guillotined in 3BY.

Personal LifeEdit

Jak owned a pet ottsel named Daxter, who fought alongside him in his battles. Daxter was taken from Jak the day before his execution & was killed.