This is a list of former members of the Knights of Storm Island who evaded imprisonment or death by a mass arrest of the clan known as the Knightly Purge. These members were coined "survivors" of the arrest.

Knightly PurgeEdit

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Wildwood was reclaimed by the Wildwoodians & Appleworms shortly before the end of the war. They invaded Storm Island during the Knight Retreat & succeeded in defeating the Knights by arresting Coriolanus Storm, the president of the island & the leader of the Knights. The Wildwoodians then gathered a list of those who were Knights & ruled out who was dead & then gathered all of those who they could find in a mass arrest known as the Knightly Purge.

Total participantsEdit

This is a list of the Top 10 members of the Knights. It doesn't include others like sympathizers or lower ranked members. The people marked "no" did not survive the Purge, which means they were either arrested or killed in the attempt

Name Rank Survived? Status Exterior occupation Residence Killed by Cause of death Died on
Coriolanus Storm 1 No Deceased President Storm Island Benjamin Smith Shot November 22, 35Y
John Wild 2 No Imprisoned Freemason West Apple Rock Prison -
Jack Robert Oswald 3 Yes Deceased Soldier West City Appleworm officers Shot February 15, 36Y
Captain James Hook 4 Yes Deceased Naval commander West City
General Ernest Parker 5 No Escaped* Army general Storm Island -
Howard Stormson 6 No Imprisoned Freemason West Apple Rock Prison
Bartholomew Stormson 7 No Deceased Freemason Storm Island Himself Committed suicide by shooting himself November 17, 35Y
Harold Alexander 8 Yes Deceased Soldier Apple City Himself Drowned in escape attempt June 20, 38Y
William "Bill" Lawford 9 Yes On the run** Soldier Capitol -
Peter Jackson 10 Yes Imprisoned Soldier West Apple Rock Prison

* Escaped means the person had not survived the Purge & had escaped imprisonment
**On the run means the person survived the Purge & was still alive & has not been caught