Before World War II, the Knights of Storm made three attempts on invading Wildwood. The invasions failed miserably for the Knights with many casualtys & the Knights began the war with a bombing of a dike that destroyed Districts 1 & 2 & parts of 3.



Pre-No Man Left Behind Act invasionEdit

Casualtys: WW: 1+/KS: Unspecifyed
Media coverage: TV
TV Broadcast: National
Region covered: Entire island of Wildwood
Cause: Weakening of the Wave Watcher force caused a gap that led to the death of young boy

Prior to the passing of the No Man Left Behind Act, the Wave Watcher forces weakened. Before the Capitol took action, one day came when, the ocean loaded with innocent civilians, the Knights attacked the coast & attempted to invade. During the struggle, one young boy had entered the danger zone where he was repeatedly told to head towards the shore & was speared to death as the first casualty. Due to this civilian's death, President Harold Jackson approached the Congress to pass bills for conscription, one of which was the Water Safety Act (Protocol 59368).

First invasionEdit

Casualtys: WW: 14/KS: 28
Media coverage: TV, radio
TV broadcast: Regional
Region covered: Districts 1, 2, 7, 10
Cause: Edward "Norton" Simpson fell asleep on duty, leading to a vulnerable gap & raising an alarm

Second invasionEdit

Casualtys: WW: 60-100 /KS: 50-70
Media coverage: Radio
TV broadcast: None
Region covered: No TV coverage
Cause: Eastern Cardinal blood signalled mutated creatures within the water & alerted Simpson to the enemy presence & aggression

Third invasionEdit

Casualtys: WW: 125+/KS: 250+
Media coverage: TV, radio, telegram
TV broadcast: National
Region covered: Entire island of Wildwood
Cause: Horrendous weather conditions weakening the Wave Watcher force allowed the enemy to attack