Snowball Wild was a 2 year long dynamic ice age that gripped the islands of Wildwood, Storm & the Big Apple. The ice age nearly destroyed life everywhere. However, after it ended, the island of Wildwood entered a phase of setting up a government, which had been neglected before Snowball Wild, turning the island into an anarchy. Somehow, in the decades following the freeze, an era of scientific engineering, discovery & experimentation began & advanced the lives of many on all of the islands. 48 years later, in 50Y, a second ice age occurred very similar to the first, destroying everything on Earth & lasting longer than the first, having the Earth frozen up to 15 years.


Background informationEdit

Natural causesEdit

During the course of the Before Years, the Earth underwent major climate changes. In 0Y, the globe had faced storms of acid rain, containing the greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide. Rocks absorbed the carbon dioxide from the rain & began to deplete it from the atmosphere. In 1Y, the Earth's climate declined over the course of the year.

Other eventsEdit

Ice AgeEdit

In 2Y, massive glaciations began to form. In a few months, large sheets of ice from both poles headed for the Equator. The ice sheets covered the islands & met up on the Equator in the frozen ocean. Many were killed by the ice age, nearly sending the human race into extinction. Those who survived managed to escape to the top of the ice sheets before they crushed the islands. People were forced to live in huts made out of whatever they had. Most froze to death or died of disease from the chill.

End of Snowball WildEdit

The end of Snowball Wild occurred in 4Y. Volcanoes had erupted since the beginning of Snowball Wild, but until 4Y, their heat had made no impact. With rocks smothered in ice, nothing absorbed the carbon dioxide gas pumped out by volcanoes. As summer of 4Y approached, the Earth heated up & the ice melted it's way back to the poles.


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Following the end of the freeze, the inhabitants of all of the islands had to re-adapt to the environments they lost before the freeze. As the years went by, science, engineering & chemistry took off & began an era in these fields. This era was called the Great Inventing, because of the mass marketing of inventions made such as electric lighting, efficient indoor plumbing & better house warmth quality.

Snowball Wild IIEdit

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In 40Y, cars, which had been producing extra carbon dioxide for the atmosphere, declined & became conservative in the case of fossil fuels. This decline in carbon dioxide led to another cooling of the Earth over the course of 10 years. Finally, in 49Y, two ice sheets began their voyage to the Equator, crushing the islands. This ice age became known as Snowball Wild II, lasting 15 years.