Tridents are three-pronged spears invented in District 4. They are used for three things: decoration, fishing or warfare.


First generation: DecorationEdit

In the early days of it's history, the trident was a symbol of marine life & devotion to the mythical god of sea, Poseidon/Neptune. The ancient civilization of Wildwood often used tridents to celebrate their devotion to the god & these tridents (originally meant for decoration) were being used for fishing by someone who crafted one with sharper ends than the regular dull ornate ones.

Second generation: FishingEdit

During the establishment of District 4 in Wildwood, Marine Inc. was founded & began to create fishing equipment for District 4. Marine Inc. would later go on to be the king of business in homemade items of District 4 that weren't imported from other districts. The tridents for fishing, called fishing tridents, were made out of metal with less dull edges & were specifically meant to get wet & only for fishing. These tridents began to become more effecient in the Great Inventing when newer metals that did not rust as easily were made.

Third generation: WarfareEdit

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During the Great Inventing, war tridents were made. These particular tridents were made of steel, had razor-sharp points & were meant for combat. However, these particular tridents were only given to the naval forces to prevent criminals from obtaining possession of them. When World War II struck the island, civilians were allowed to carry the tridents for self-defense, but were urged to keep an eye on them to prevent them from falling into enemy hands.

Known wieldersEdit