West Apple Rock Prison was a federal war prison owned by the government of Wildwood & the Big Apple. It was used for housing the most dangerous criminals on the two islands & the members of the Knights of Storm who were arrested for their war crimes before, during & after the Knightly Purge.



West Apple Rock Prison is located on a tiny island, bearing the resemblance of a giant rock. The ocean surrounding the prison is violent as waves constantly crash against the prison walls. The prison is visible from the nearby city at the top of a cliff. However, the prison is unreachable by swimming distance as the island is 30 miles off the shore, full of shark.

Attempted prison escapesEdit


Many prison escapes from West Apple Rock have always been unsuccessful due to the nature of them. The many things that will hinder the escape is the lack of transportation to the shore, the violence of the ocean currents, the shark-infested waters & the risk of being shot by guards. Many escapes have been attempted, but they almost all fail miserably.